If you cup your hands on both of your ears, you will hear a swishing sound that almost feels increases every few seconds. You might say that is the sound of your blood pulsating in your body, recycling carbon dioxide and bringing in new oxygen every now and then.

To me is is the sound of wind passing by us, as we fall through the eternal void. It is a reminder of that inevitable crash we all have to face when this brief flight we have been in since our birth ends and we stop moving forever.

When you first realize this you can throw your arms outwards and cry in fear, you can try to clutch on to anything you can grab a hold of. Suddenly there is something in your extended fists! Another hand is clutching on to yours! The vibration of the wind rushing to meet you from below feel ecstatic almost. You were going to brace yourself for the entirety of this journey towards sure obliteration, but now you have someone to occupy your mind instead of those thoughts. Whenever you look right over your shoulder, there is that person smiling back at you like bright red petunia. You feel like it’s not so bad, may be this is what was meant to be, may be we were doomed to meet the ground with someone holding our hands.

You look outwards and see the ones without a hand to grab on to. Something breaks inside you. The wind grows stronger, but you feel like you need to hold that person’s hands. You stretch out to them and surprisingly see the other hand, the hand that gave you the warmth in the first place loosens up a bit. You cannot ignore your instinct of flying towards the other body falling with all it’s weight centered in it’s heart. It’s a very heavy one indeed, and you feel like you need to lend some help to carry it.

The other body drops as if it’s bound to a rock, you can’t seem to get a hold of it. Your heart bleeds each time you try to nudge yourself a bit towards it, but just want to give it some warmth, that’s all it needs, right? The warmth you got changed the fall for you, to you it’s not the fall that worries you anymore, you are more anxious how to fly in the sky rest of the way! You almost grab the other person by their collar. You close your eyes as you embrace them for one warm and fuzzy hug.

The wind grows colder. What is the end of this fall, anyway? Will it be a big splash? Or a thunderous kapoot! Will you remember the sound when it all ends and you are lying on the floor, looking up towards the gold-blue afternoon sky? You can’t think of anything with the anticipation of impending conjuncture. But oh? You wave your hands at nothing! You open your eyes and suddenly discover you have flown off far away. The heavy hearted one is still falling, you haven’t been able to give them the purpose to fly, you couldn’t show them the dream of the avian marvels of the prehistoric era. Instead you are so far away from those set of warm hands that gave you this newfound joy in meeting your crash, that you don’t even know how to get back to it. One single snowflake lands on your fingertip, the freeze starting to spread…

The last thing you see before your eyes turn into crystal orbs of ice is those two pair of hands, the ones that held on to you when you were alone in despair. You have lost the amicable ardor that you were so fond of. You don’t hear the sound your body makes when it meets the concrete street and breaks into a thousand piece, you are gone way before.