I am Ratul Minhaz, a Berlin based Data Engineer who sometimes plays the ukulele and dabbles in writing. I had been exploring different facets of software development for a while now and it has been an amazing journey. Right now I am focusing on building data solutions and bridging product develppment with data science!

I am originally from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and currently on a mission to see all around Europe. Since childhood it had always been my dream to be a traveller, but obviously that did not workout, haha. Being a optimistic nihilist, I had always been curious about society and culture because these are the things that were formed by humans ourselves, rather being shaped solely by nature’s survival instinct. Perhaps it was my curiosity lead me to volunteering for the betterment of humans. I had the opportunity to briefly work with two of my favorite organizations, one is widely known as Mozilla Foundation. I mostly worked on engazing students into open source initiatives such as Firefox OS. On the other end of the spectrum, I wanted to help improve the lives of the underpreviledged people in Bangladesh through my work at CommunityAction Bangladesh. One of the projects that I am extremely grateful to be part of is the winter clothes drive where we collected old cloths from our friends and family, cleaned and packed then in our drop of stations and them ship them to the remotest parts of the country for people without warm cloths! It warms my heart to think that I was at part of something that put smiles in at least a couple hundreds of people :)

I am always up for a cup of coffee, be it in a cafe or virtually :) Don’t hesitate to reach me out through my social media!