I am Ratul Minhaz, nice to meet you! I a Berlin based Data Engineer who sometimes plays the ukulele and dabbles in writing. I had been fortunate enough to put on different hats in my short journey in software development including backend development, frontend and mobile app design. Right now my focus is in helping companies bridge product development with data science.

I hail from Dhaka, Bangladesh and currently exploring the German life as an expat. I consider myself as an optimistic nihilist, so finding meaning in what we humans, as a species and society, do rather than what our biological imperative dictate us is important to me. It had always bothered me how unequal our society is and exactly how much our privilege contributes to our successes regardless of passion or talent.

Perhaps it was this need to find meaning of being human lead me towards volunteerism. I had lived a mostly sheltered life and eventually when I was able to make a few life decisions on my own, I set my goal to get myself involved in two kinds of development of my immediate circle: technological and humanitarian. I was luckily enough to find a bunch of die hard open source and open web fans in Dhaka who all contributed to Mozilla Foundation. The following few years I mostly worked on engaging students into open source initiatives through Firefox Student Ambassadors program. On the other hand I put myself to organize workshops for amazing Mozilla projects such as Firefox OS.

I had lucky enough to be part of a student run social welfare organization, CommunityAction Bangladesh as well which enabled me to help underprivileged peoples, albeit just a handful, improve their lives through various educational and social programs. One of the projects that I am extremely grateful to be part of is the winter clothes drive where we collected old cloths from our friends and family, cleaned and packed then in our drop of stations and them ship them to the remotest parts of the country for people without warm cloths! It warms my heart to think that I was at part of something that put smiles in at least a couple hundreds of people :)

I am always up for a cup of coffee, be it in a cafe or virtually :) Don’t hesitate to reach me out through my social media, or just set a meeting directly.