… to the humble abode of my random thoughts! Keeping a regular blog is not my thing, but sometimes I do feel compelled to write about life, universe and everything else. By everything else I mean mostly software and data engineering.

Data Engineering Youtube Channels You Should Follow

A list of Youtube channels that cover a wide variety of Data Engineering topics
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The Fall

If you cup your hands on both of your ears, you will hear a swishing sound that almost feels increases every few seconds. You might say that is the sound of your blood pulsating in your body, recycling carbon dioxide and bringing in new oxygen every now and then. To me is is the sound of wind passing by us, as we fall through the eternal void. It is a reminder of that inevitable crash we all have to face when this brief flight we have been in since our birth ends and we stop moving forever.
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Setting up Ember CLI Sass

Trying to set up Sass with Ember can be quiet problematic if you are using a version manager for Node. For example I was using a version manager called ’n’ and could not integrate Sass in anyway with my Ember app. It all boiled down to my Ember installation not finding libraries needed to compile Sass. These two modules were the reason of the problem: node-gyp and node-sass. After fiddling around for a while I found out the proper way to setup Sass with Ember.
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Sentiment Analysis: An Intertwinement of Disciplines

What sentiment analysis means
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Musings about friendship

As I see it, you can make friends in only two ways: one is a emotional journey where all your personal firewalls break down and you almost know how the other person feels like. Another way is through gradually increasing appreciation for someone where at a point you actually know what your friend is thinking. Now hold a moment before saying that friendship can’t be this much black and white. It’s usually not and I am not claiming otherwise.
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